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Behavioral Contracts: How They Help Curb the Undesired Behaviors

Little stubborn boy with behavioral problems refusing to work with female therapistA behavioral contract is an agreement made in writing between an individual and a behavioral professional, such as a counselor or psychologist, with the intention of changing the former’s behavior. In most cases, the individual in this situation is known to be a delinquent, anti-social, or disruptive.

Just like any other contract, the behavioral contract outlines the duties and responsibilities of all parties involved. It also outlines potential limitations and possible rewards for the person if the duties and responsibilities stated have been fulfilled.

The individual, their parents/guardians, and the behavioral professional often discuss what should be included in the contract. The individual will be more motivated to follow the contract if they have a say on what should be there, and not feel like as if they need to follow orders from someone.

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